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Apple Safari support - 07/2004
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Rococo swaps Sage for NetSuite 06/2004

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Take a look at product features to get a feel of which product may suit your needs. Also take a look with your colleagues at the role based demo which can help each person understand how the NetSuite system can work for them.
Unify your business team no matter where they reside. Back Office in Singapore and Sales Office in London will act as one.

Welcome to NetSuite Solutions
Try the Role based demo and you will see how it can benefit your whole organisation.

NetSuite applications provide real-time business intelligence on any department within your company and automate business processes across your entire company. Each employee in your company is more efficient and has real-time dashboard views to the key information and tools they need to perform their job.Click here to see an example of a dashboard view

This demo helps you to understand the capabilities of NetSuite. Just take a few minutes of your valuable time in order to see how this system can streamline your business by looking at the how individuals in the organisation can take do their job in an integrated manner.